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Tryout Press

PE has a highly skilled tryout team having experience in various projects of Tata Motors and companies outside Tata Group. The skillset is augmented by variety of tryout press and close support from stimulation team.

Tryout Press
Pamstamp Output being Visualized during Actual Tryout Using JT Translator

Sr No Machine Description Make/ Country Qty Table Size in mm Tonnage
1 2000T Single Action High Speed Hydraulic Simulation Press with NC cushion Schuler, Germany 1 4600 x 2500 2000T
2 1200T Single Action Mechanical Tryout Press ISGEC, India 1 4000 x 2500 1200T
3 1000T Single Action Hydraulic Tryout Press ISGEC, India 1 3500 x 2500 1000T
4 800T Tryout Press Usi Clearing, USA 1 2743 x 1524 800T
5 1100T Double Action Hydraulic Press. Usi Clearing, USA 1 3404 x 2286 1100T
6 800T Double Sided Four Point Crank Press Erfurt, Germany 1 4000 x 2500 800T
7 650T Double Acting Clearing Press. Usi Clearing, USA 1 2743 x 1676 650T


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