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Sheet Metal Fixtures

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BIW Welding

PE has a highly skilled team that can meet the expectations with innovative but simple solutions in BIW welding. The team has at its credit the experience of handling almost all vehicle projects in Tata Motors Limited at turnkey level across all its plants through its in-house and supplier-based resources.

PE takes utmost care during design and manufacturing of welding fixtures for safety aspects during BIW production. With use of modular bases and units and high quality standard items the fixtures are most reliable and consistent in performance.

BIW Welding Fixtures BIW Weld Line for Tata Pickup
Main Line BIW Welding Fixture for a Tata Small Truck BIW Weld Line for a Tata Pick up

Frames / Chassis Welding

PE has a highly experienced team to design and manufacture welding fixtures for various types of chassis / frames. Frames of many Tata vehicles known for their reliable performance on rugged Indian road conditions have been tooled in PE.

Frame Welding Fixture

Trunion Fixture for Tata SUV Frame
Frame Welding Fixture meant for a Japanese OEM's MUV for
India before dispatch
Trunion Fixture Having Balanced Rotation for a Tata SUV Frame

Piercing Fixtures

The concept of location and clamping can be innovatively used in Piercing tools with Hydro-pneumatic systems that can handle selectivity in pierced holes enabling multiple-variant management.

Pneumatic Fixture for Tata Hatchback Car
Pneumatic Fixture for Assembly Body Side of a Tata Hatchback Car

Panel Checking / Assembly Checking Fixtures / Gauges

Assembly Checking Fixtures

Assembly Checking Fixture for Tata SUV
Checking Fixture for Assembly Underbody for a Tata L & MCV Checking Fixture for Assembly Long Member LH for a Tata SUV
Inspection Fixture for Panel Carrier
Inspection Fixture for Panel Carrier Side Wall RH for a Tata Last Mile Public Carrier